Seventh lunar day

Seventh lunar day

General description

The symbols of the day are “Wand”, “Rose of the Winds”, “Sraochi” and “Keys”. It is difficult for us to immediately consider and comprehend all 4 levels. Let’s consider the process of the day, and through meditation one can reach the notion of all the symbols of the day. This day is the discovery and raging of elements and spirits of nature. On the 7th month of the month, you must learn and spell live prayers. You can work on correction of speech, correct stuttering, to escape the words of parasites. It is impossible to speak a lot on this day, to burden yourself with unnecessary worries. On the 7th month of the day, anxiety and caring are an independent and voluntary hitting a yoke. On this day you can not lie, eat chicken meat and eggs, because the day is connected with the cock (Sraoshi). It’s unfavorable to break the dishes, tear the paper, sheets and tear your teeth.
Due to this day, the lungs and the chakra of Vishunda are connected. If a person does not correctly use the energy of the 7th month of the day, then he may have a throat, pneumonia will appear.
Vishudhya and lungs are still connected with Mercury, that is with hands, therefore on this day it is recommended to load hands. If in a dream you see a cock on that day, it’s a warning about an impending catastrophe.
People born on the 7th lunar day also have different levels. Some are superficial people such as “weathercocks” – they are spinning and do not have their own direction, gossip collectors. Those who have found their way in life can become natural magicians, because they have an innate ability to communicate with the spirits of nature. And if such a person becomes a path of light, he may be a blessing storyteller.


The most important attention should be paid to the words you hear in dreams – it is them that is the message addressed to you. Anyone who can correctly interpret the essence of the words heard in a dream will open many useful things for himself, because in them the reflection of the subconscious, which on the seventh day of the month expresses itself in a dream by means of words, is reflected in them.
Words spoken in a dream, it is desirable to write after awakening, and in the next seventh month of the day compare to what you will hear again. You are waiting for a startling discovery. If in a dream you see some kind of image that is signif ic for you, that is, that personifies higher authority, high wisdom and so on, then all that is said is for you a direct revelation. For example, if a believer in this period, in his dream, sees Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, or John the Theologian, then all this has to be taken into account.


The most vulnerable organs of the seventh lunar day are throat and thorax, so take care of them with special attention. The best preventive measure will be the performance of various breathing exercises.
It is very dangerous on this day of smoking, it can lead to serious chest disease, even cancer. By virtue of this, if possible, refrain from cigarettes or at least reduce their quantity as much as possible
In the seventh month, all organs associated with breathing are very vulnerable, even nostrils can suffer. For this reason, the Indian astrological tradition recommends performing in this period Jal’-neti or other cleaning practices of the nasal cavity, throat and lungs.
It will be very useful to have a small period of silence, at least half a day. This will give a good rest to your nervous system, help restore mental strength and give voice to a long-awaited vacation.
If on the seventh month you will have a severe cough, wheezing or back pain at the lung level, then this is an important signal – you should think: something in your life is not the way it is needed. First of all, pay attention to the manner of communication, in the lexicon – not too much in it words-parasites, expressions of aggression, hatred and destructive turns. Remember that “disease of the language” always leads to diseases of the body and the psyche. That is why any pain, malaise or uncomfortable feeling in the mentioned organs are very disturbing signals, figuratively speaking SOS of your body. It’s time to change something, otherwise the chance to improve health will be lost, and who knows, then can change something can only be surgically.
Many astrological schools are advised to refrain from dental treatment on this lunar day.



It is very important at this time to refuse to eat meat and eggs. They can contribute to the “overload” of the body because through it and so passes a very powerful stream of lunar energy.
Very useful on the seventh day of the month are various herbal teas. If they do not, you can use green tea, but black is better to give up.
In the other diet can be any, the main thing – a little less coarse food, more fruits and aromatic herbs.
Very useful for the body now fruits that do not grow in the ground, mainly fruits – apples, dates, cherry apricots, grapes and so on.


Since the seventh month is associated with the magic of the word, it is best to devote them to the negotiations, the conviction of partners and investors, the establishment of new personal ties, interviews, propaganda and advertising campaigns, conferences and similar events, where the basis is an outspoken word. For example, if you want to convince someone to become your sponsor, then do it on the seventh day of the month. Just remember, the dispute in this period will lead to very serious consequences – the breakup of business relations or sad results.
Also, he is in trouble, in the sixth month and expressing fears or doubts aloud. All of them, as a rule, come true. Better stay calm, lead financial affairs with dignity and do not be afraid of anything. Chiefs are now advised to express oral compliments and compliments to their subordinates. This will help establish a more friendly relationship in the team, and, consequently, increase productivity. Subordinates, on the seventh day of the month, can apply to the bosses with various requests. Only your language needs to be well thought out and planned, because you have all the chances of succeeding and to fail because of rude words.
Those who are connected with the business world, it is very useful now to help, sponsor and support people of creativity – writers, poets, singers and artists. Such acts of patronage will necessarily pay off and will bring considerable benefits over time.


The desires of this lunar period are of a high degree of accuracy, but it is desirable to address the oracle with questions concerning your inner peace, spiritual problems, as well as relationships with people, that is, with those relating to communicative connections.
Domination to a friend
Take coconut chips and dip from her with sweet water or cook human figures. The figure should be as much as your friends. Put figures on the table, you need to put a sheet with the name of the friend under each one.
Wait twelve hours. Figures that fall to twelve o’clock are false friends.
Enthusiasm “Who is my enemy?”
Take a cup of water and throw one after the other pumpkin seeds into it, repeating the names aloud. On what name seeds will collide with each other, that person is your enemy.


Due to the fact that all the pronounced at this time is loudly powerful, all esoteric traditions suggest dedicating the seventh month day to prayer practices, reading sacred texts, uttering mantras, singing zikra, recite dharanas, or performing other spiritual exercises, working with the word.
Often, mystics advise in the seventh month day to hold in strict silence. This contributes to a deeper understanding of its true nature. Some esoteric schools offer their followers for the whole month of the month to give vows of silence, combined with reading silent prayers or other religious texts.
It is believed to also contribute to extraordinary abilities.
Astrologers, Tibet, argue that it is good to start pilgrimages in this period, which, of course, precedes the pronunciation of the sacred word.