Second lunar day

Second lunar day

General description

The symbols are “Horn of Abundance” or “Bastard”. It begins with the first moon after the young man and continues until the next moon’s eve. It lasts a little more than a day.
On the second day there is burning, cleaning and saturation of a dense body. Therefore, according to the feelings that will be in our body, we can find out whether what we thought or did not do is useful. You can imagine food, acquaintances, and if from them we will be “sick”, it means that they are harmful to us.
The process of the day helps the bath, dry starvation, mono-diet. The best results will be a cereal, cooked without salt and oil. Groats are unique products that produce slags and everything that interferes with us.
You can do different cleaning practices, clean any body that bother you, but it’s best to choose an organ corresponding to the sign, where the month is at this time.
It is necessary to show generosity on this day; we must not regret the fact that we are freed. On the 2nd lunar day, information cycles are also laid. The information that comes this day will be important throughout the month.
Special practice in the 2 nd lunar day is knowing what you need and what is not needed. Contraindicated anger, irritation – it will prevent the cleaning of a dense body. The energy center, which is associated with the 2nd day of the month, is non-classical. It is located under the nose, it is necessary to concentrate on this point.
From the 2nd lunar day, the mouth, lips, teeth and upper part of the palate are connected. It’s good to treat your teeth this day. The unused energy of the 2nd lunar day leads to periodontal disease and dental stones. In poor Saturn, man can be covered with lichen.
In people born on the 2 nd lunar day, as a rule, a system of “multiplication” works. Everything they do is doing a lot. Since the day is called “Horn of Abundance” or “Bastard”, people eat a lot this day, but they never get smooth as they are constantly cleaning.


What has dreamed during this period should be considered as a direct guide to action. The images of dreams will indicate the path to be chosen for the accomplishment of this or that task of karma, especially if you really have a problem. These images will become just the “key” for solving the urgent task.
But be careful when interpreting, do not accept the desired one for real. In work with dreams, prerequisites, important honesty towards yourself – “do not overwrite” the dreams for the better, and perceive their images as they are. The human subconscious is not lying, but the mind is capable of interpreting everything towards the ego. If you doubt that they are capable of interpreting your dream properly, then it is better to turn to a specialist, to someone who will help you to understand the images that appeared to you, who can professionally interpret subconscious symbols and prompt a line of further behavior. “Delitarianism” in the interpretation of dreams in this lunar period is unacceptable.
In a sense, we can say that all subsequent dreams of the lunar cycle will only be clarifications and comments to the dream that has dreamed in this period, so its significance is so important.


Now the most favorable time to start new health programs, start a new set of exercises aimed at general health and prevention of various diseases. This is an ideal period for exploring the eastern systems of healing and conducting a small series of massages. In a word, the second lunar day is the beginning of a healthy lifestyle.
It is good in the second month of the day to start new training complexes, but the exercises should be selected so that they are some “golden mean” between the load and relaxation. Ideally, static isometric exercises, which are just built on the principle of alternate relaxation and tension, are suitable for this.
The main thing in this lunar period is not to overdo the load, because if you stretch the muscle or overexpress it, then again to enter the normal rhythm, it takes a lot of time, because any exercise, the movement, made in the second month of the day the body memorizes, “writes” in its cells as a program for the entire next month.



In the second month day, as in the first, one should still refrain from alcohol, nicotine, meat and coarse food. Small doses can be used for coffee, but not too strong.
It is very dangerous in this period to suppose overeating, gluttony or indiscriminate absorption of food. All this can lead to deposition of salts, arthritis, bone pain and gout.
The most sensible thing in the second lunar day is the use of light food, because this day is fraught with poisoning and an unpredictable reaction even to the food already known to you. Remember, now the easier it is to eat – the better!
It is also important not to fall into the other extreme – in any case, do not fly yourself hunger! Try to stick to the clever golden mean – eat a little but caloric food.
Ideally, will enter into your diet, during this period, nuts, dried fruits, raisins, vegetables and fresh fruits.
One of the most dangerous moments this month can be the use of non-natural products or semi-finished products – various pastries, hot dogs, store pizzas and so on. All this can lead to serious negative consequences, up to severe poisoning.
All diets that have been started now will make your body just a fantastic action, because they will coincide with natural rhythms. Rejuvenation and healing will pass calmly, without breakouts and complications. But remember, when choosing the right diet it is necessary to take into account exactly their needs during this period, it is not necessary to choose one or another diet only because it is now fashionable or because someone has achieved some results with it. Every person is unique, and any, even the most “advanced” diet, should be adjusted to your body, to the state in which you are currently, and for the purposes that you set yourself.
The approach to building a diet should be purely individual. Every person is not repeatable, and general recommendations, designed for some orphaned individual or someone’s personal experience, will not bring the desired effect.
In the second month of the month the body itself suggests that it is necessary for him or that he hurts. Listen to yourself, trust your intuition, and if some taste or smell causes you unpleasant sensations – it’s better to exclude this product from your diet for at least a month. And vice versa, if something is very desirable – it means your body is not enough and it does not matter – it’s bad or not. Of course, the main thing here is not to confuse the voice of intuition and fleeting whim. Do not go for a reason for your weakness.


The second month of the month is intended to find sources of funding – whether it’s a search for sponsors or withdrawing money from an account.
In this period, it is good to conclude agreements, sign contracts, contracts, that is, to carry out those actions or measures that will help in the future to correctly implement your business plans.
On the way to realization of the desired one must make a sure step forward, but without pressure and unnecessary aggression. After the first step you have to take a little pause.
This is the best time to start implementing a new company policy, to conduct internal organizational measures that will make the work more efficient.
The second month of the month is successful for recruiting new employees, because in this case they have all the chances to integrate harmoniously into the already existing team, and to the bosses – to please.
A person who is hired to work in the second month of the day, as a rule, brings the “fresh air” to the team and takes the job to a new level.
For those who are professionally engaged in business, it is extremely useful to make some charitable act during this lunar period, to act as patron saint or sponsor, for example, a creative evening or an art exhibition. The fact is that during the second lunar day, a particularly effective law: “The more you give, the more you get.”


It is best to envision future events, the time frame of which does not exceed one month – this will make divination more accurate.
On the second lunar day, the potential of the entire subsequent month begins to be actively revealed, which allows a person who enjoys without any problems to follow the vectors of future events.
Domination on the mirror about the future
Before divination, refrain from salty food.
Prepare a large round mirror, a saucer with salt, a glass of water and two church candles. After midnight, place a mirror on a table-covered tablecloth and draw 13 chains of chalk on it. On both sides of it install and light the candles.
Sit down and slowly repeat thirteen times: “Mirror – lake, salt – tears, fire – power, tell me what is waiting for me in the future.” Then eat a little salt and drink a glass of water. After that, carefully, if possible without blinking, look at the mirror surface – and you will see your future.


Many esoteric schools tend to consider the second month of the month one of the most suitable periods for dedication to mysterious mysterious cults, to begin the teaching of students in esoteric knowledge. In addition, this is the best period for the start of the various sadhana, purasaran, the development of new yoga complexes, ts-gun, taiji-tsuan, the beginning of the reiki healing period, and so on.