Ninth lunar day

Ninth lunar day

General description

The symbol of the day is “Milky Way”, “Bastard”, “Milk Mother” and “Netopyr”. This day is a check on what the person did in the first round of the monthly harmony.
The 9th month day is a day of provocations, we can tempt, deceive us. If a man is clean, he has been practicing clean-up, then that day is not terrible for her. Man has the opportunity to see what it is being bribed, deceived and what is wrong with it. This day encourages us to be attentive to everything. 9th Lunar Day is Satanic.
On the 9th month of the month, man must learn to distinguish between temptation. It is necessary to recall the tradition that goes through the mother, to recall the life of the mother, her will, to recall the grandmother’s maternal line, and so on. Need to plunge into the parent roots. On this day, it is necessary to clean the room, make a mental cleaning and remember all who offended us. On the 9th lunar day, astral protection should be created, since the 9th lunar day is the day of guiding and removing the damage.
Removing spoilage.
We all have weak astral protection, and are therefore often negatively affected by the people around us. There are two ways to strengthen your astral field.
I way This method is also a test of whether there is a deterioration or not. It is necessary to take live, and not diet, chicken egg, which has a germ, and a glass jar of 0.2 – 0.3 liters with a lid half filled with water. Cut eggs there carefully so as not to damage the egg yolk. Take this jar and hold it over your head with your right hand. Then bring to all the power centers on the front channel and hold on to each chakra until the hand is shaken, then move it to the next. Then wrap a jar of cellophane and place it under the pillow or in the headboard under the bed in the head. In the morning, look at what will happen to this egg. By how it deforms, you will be able to judge how much damage you have.
If the egg has changed a lot, then you will need help from outside. On the next 9th day of the month you must find another person who you trust and who will conduct another procedure. You must also break the egg into water, but the man can still carry the jar, hold it over your head and carry it with this jar counter-clockwise, removing dirty energy at the level of each chakra on the egg. First, the egg is wrapped at the level of the chakras of Sahasrara (over the top of the head), then at the level of the forehead, neck, chest, stomach, pubic and, finally, at the level of the coccyx. That is, at the level of 7 classic chakras. You can swap different numbers of times, but at least 3 times and a maximum of 9 times. Then place this jar under the bed or under the pillow. In the morning, all its contents pour into the toilet, and the jar itself is sterilized or thrown away. This is how one procedure is made
But it is possible on the 9th lunar day to begin a large cycle of removal of damage. Then for each week one egg is taken. The first time this procedure is done by wrapping around a person counter clockwise. Then a jar with an egg is placed on the day in the fridge, and at night – under the pillow or under the bed. This is repeated throughout the week. In whatever form it was not an egg, you gather the evil on it all week. A week later everything pours into the toilet, the jar is sterilized, fresh water is poured, a new egg is broken down. Do the same for the second week, then the third, fourth, and so on until the egg does not stop deforming.
Severe damage sometimes requires up to 9 eggs. All the time, the jar with egg is placed in the refrigerator so that it does not spoil. The second time a person can already carry the chakras. Most importantly, the process is gone. Every day you can not carry around.
If a person is bad, then you do not have to wait until the 9th day of the month. If you start this cycle until the 9th day of the month, then on the 9th day of the month you have to carry out this whole procedure again. On the 9th lunar day, you can change the egg, but the cycle still counting from the day it started. But, as a rule, a major purge cycle begins after checking on the 9th day of the month.
II method. This is a salt bath for feet. The temperature of the water is such that you would be pleased. On the pelvis of water that reaches the ankle of the legs, you must stand with a hand in hand with a handful of salt: how much will be taken into hand. It takes no more than 9-10 minutes to stand in the pelvis. At this time, it’s good to imagine a vertical flow that flushes away from you, and everything goes into this water. Standing for more than 10 minutes is not recommended, because then the reverse process is in progress. This is also the 9th day of the month. You can do it even when you just feel bad.
On the 9th day of the month you can not eat mushrooms and products bearing the phallic symbol, ie sausage, carrots, etc. It is very bad to be proud of this day, to suppress other people. Since the 9th lunar day is still called “Milk of the mother”, it will be evil, on this day, to pour milk. This will mean that you are spreading the traditions that go through the mother, do not appreciate them. It’s also bad to break the mirror. In the 9th day of the month, it is better not to look in the mirror, especially in full height, so as not to be tempted at your own expense. With this day, the chest and anakata chakra are tied. If you break the traditions, then on the 9th month of the day your chest bones may get sick, and you will feel a feeling of pressure that can turn into neuralgia, or even an attack of angina.
People born on the 9th day of the month need to be cleaned continuously, because they are sinful from birth. You need to clean your house, apartment. Garbage can be carried out only during the light of day.
Monthly information is provided as a reference, but it needs to work with it. Not necessarily all my life live on the lunar days. It is sometimes enough 3-6 months to learn these energies and lower the information into the subconscious. Then, on an intuitive level, motives will be formed in accordance with these energies. All information on harmonization and designed to make life easier, but it will only work for you if you are working. So, be active on Tuesdays and have a rest on Friday, and energy zaryazhayetsya on Sunday. All this will allow you, by combining different energies, living in less stress and realizing more specific life situations by reacting correctly to them.


The images of the dreams of the ninth day of the month show a man who conflicts exist at the level of his subconscious, that is, they point to the inner hidden conflict and its character.
In the dreams of this period, as a rule, there appear images that refer to problems deeply hidden in the subconscious. Therefore, one should carefully study and interpret the dreams of the ninth day of the month. Everything that comes to your mind in a dream relates to your karma and all of this requires an immediate solution. At that time, nightmares and nightmares are frequent. But all of them, with a thorough analysis, are interpreted as unsolved problems of an emotional nature.


On the ninth day of the month chronic diseases can become exacerbated. This is due to the fact that chronic diseases are by nature karmic, that is, they arise only in the case when any problem is not solved for a long time at the psychophysical level and then goes on to the physical one. Suddenly, those organs that seem to have healed for a long time may fall ill. But in reality it is not so – eliminated only by a symptom, and the disease itself, that is, its energy matrix is ​​not removed from the aura. That is, as has been repeatedly mentioned above – the unwarranted problem has not disappeared, but went into the deeper layers of the subconscious.
In the ninth month of the month, any malaise, disease, aggravation of any processes – all these signals the SOS body is trying to shake to the mind, whatever you would do anything.
In the ninth month of the day it is useful to carry out all kinds of cleaning practices, especially intestinal cleansing.



During this lunar period, the use of fungi should be discarded, as this is a mixed food, and even completely edible fungi can cause poisoning.
It is not necessary at this time to try for the first time any unknown products to you, as if you were not tempted to taste them. The body is now too responsive to any innovations. For the same reason, it is better to refuse to eat meat and fish.
It is very dangerous during this period of overeating.
Food on the ninth day of the month should be as simple as possible. Even long-familiar products can sometimes cause unwanted reactions in the body.
Exclude during this period from the menu any complex dishes, as well as products of artificial origin – various drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, etc.), cakes and so on. It is best to stop your choice on cereals with whole grains.


It is desirable to cancel serious business of this day. If the scheduled signing of contracts or conclusion of contracts, if possible, transfer them at least one day, otherwise everything may not come out as it is thought. At the very last moment, the operation may break or there will be some misunderstanding.
The ninth month day is not the best time for a business, so it’s best to arrange a holiday, go back some time from business and devote it to your inner world.
During this period, there is also a high probability of robbery; for this reason, in all depots, security should be strengthened and carefully monitored by valuable jewelry.
In communication, at work it is necessary to be restrained and tolerant to other people’s shortcomings. Better to refrain from any criticism and do not make anyone’s comments, because people are now very nervous and sensitive. Even through an innocent, accidentally thrown word, a scandal or a serious conflict may burst, which is difficult to reconcile later.
Try not to show aggression. During this period, even your best endeavors may be misconceived. If on the ninth day of the month someone will offer you a “bargain” or a contract, say “no,” you probably will “slip” your pig. As already mentioned, this is the period of temptations and “unclean” affairs. Do not take part in any adventurous activities: they begin on the ninth day of the month, as a rule, they end with serious troubles, up to imprisonment.
If possible, do not leave home at this time and do not attend any presentations or entertainment events. Many astrological schools claim that this period is a dangerous assassination of people who own large sums of money.
The ideal occupation for a businessman in the ninth month day will be his hobby. For example, if you like to paint, devote all this time to painting. You will receive a long-awaited spiritual rest, recover strength and refresh your head.


If possible, on the ninth day of the month of divination it is better to abstain. But if all the same, turn to the oracle, then only with questions relating to your “shadow” side of the individual, and only if you feel in your power to follow the predictions of what would be lost.
As a rule, in this period, the enmity knows only the “bitter truth that cuts the eyes.” But if you still have the courage and strength to learn your secrets and those problems that you have never solved, do not leave them again in the same condition, be sure to implement them. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse.
As it is said, if you are afraid of the road, it is better not to send in the way. But if you have already gone – go the way to the end.
“Everything that halves – kills the whole!” (F. Nietzsche)
Domination of bread on character
Bake from the yeast test whole bread without filling.
If the bread goes out:
– lush and light – the man who prepared it, easy and happy hand, much in life it will come out easily and playing, as it were by itself;
– delicious but difficult – the bread was prepared by a man of good and wise, who, however, has a hard luck. She will suffer a lot from people around her;
– magnificent, but fresh and devoid of taste – was prepared by his lazy and hard-hearted man who loves to live in a life for someone else’s account;
– cooked or undigested – a person will experience difficulties in situations where logical thinking and witty need to be demonstrated;
– squat and unpleasant – in the house an unclean thing has been erected or somebody from households has been spoiled;
– burned up – testifies to the mistrust and controversy; such a person will suffer in life solely through himself;
– very scattered – a person in his life waiting a lot of changes she divorces many friends and acquaintances, the circle of her communication is inconsistent, life is subject to abrupt changes; There will be many problems, but a lot of success;
– with deep cracks – very hard, stifling and absurd mind.


As a rule, all esoteric schools devote the ninth day of the month exclusively to procedures and rituals for the purification of karma.
One of the options for getting rid of karmic “roots” may be the dedication of the secret doctrine, since initiation completely erases the past of man and her life begins again, as it is said, from scratch. It is not for nothing that Christian mystics believe that Jesus Christ was baptized this lunar day.