The first lunar day

The first lunar day

General description

It has three names: “Luminaire”, “Lampada” and “Third Eye”, and, it turns out, three levels of manifestation.
The process that occurs on this day is the purification of the soul by fire. In the rays of the sun burns the dirt of the soul.

Recommended practices:
— breathing exercises to cleanse the mind;
— focusing on the fire, especially if the Moon enters the air sign, – burn all fears.
Therefore, it is useful to sit in front of the candle, in the fire, a fireplace. On this day we bring to the level of consciousness what oppresses us.

We must consider all the negative situations and images as life lessons. If a person can not remember anything negative on this day then, it turns out, and there is nothing ghostly on the soul. If you regularly practice such practices, the soul will be purified, you will not react to life from the standpoint of the past image, you will not suspect others that they want to offend you. It will be much happier to live, and the reaction to negative situations will improve.

A special practice to be performed on this day is the construction of mental models. Once you have cleared your mind from disturbing memories, you can build mental models. We are given the opportunity in the first lunar day to build a phantom of what you want, and then this phantom will live on their own. The events themselves will be attracted, helping to realize your desire.

Breathing exercises to clear the mind:
The first exercise. In standing position – breath, fill the lungs, stretch upwards, and immediately breathed out with full relaxation of the upper half of the trunk. Exhale do with noise and inclining, such as breathing “XA”. The mental body is connected to the physical directly through the breath. Man thinks only when it breathes. Interrupting the breath, a person stops the course of thought. Repeat several times until you get rid of inconsistent thoughts and not improve your mood.

The second exercise. Lying in position, relaxing, watch your breath: as the air passes through the nose, the larynx fills the lungs, expands the chest, how it falls on the outlet, etc., that is, concentrates on the usual process that we do not notice.

Then do a calm breath and a full exhalation with a breath of breath on exhalation. You do not breathe, but while watching your body, as the breathtaking stroke, the chest continues to rise and fall, although you do not breathe. You should observe with interest the process and say to yourself: “I do not want to breathe, I am pleased.” It is necessary to hold back the breath to a pleasant state, and not to the breath (15 – 30 seconds). 3a this time the thorax will 2-3 times rise and fall. Inhalation should be done slowly, calmly. After each exercise you need to balance your breath. To do this, do some breaths and exhale, and then repeat this exercise again. Exercise is done up to 3 times, it is very strong. This breath can be used when it’s difficult to fall asleep – restless thoughts will go away, and the mentality will be cleared.

Construction of the mental model
You have to imagine yourself the one you will become when your desire is fulfilled. This is not the process of fulfilling your desire, but the end result. Let’s say you have something to do. You should see this desired image, as in the picture. Immediately this image may not be taken, this requires concentration.

When you have clearly seen your desired image with closed eyes, design it in an oval, as if you are restricting this image to an oval. Oval framed by a blue glow. (This practice includes the expression: “What would you like to bring you to a” platter with a blue lace? ” This is a “platter with a blue lace” you can do yourself on the first lunar day.)

It is imperative to think before you wish what will happen when the desire is fulfilled. All oriental schools come to the point that they do not want anything, because every fulfilled desire changes our way of life, and people may not be ready before that. In order for this process to go better, it is necessary in the left hand at the level of the chakras of the first lunar day to hold the stone of the first lunar day – the lazuli. Lazurith retains the energy of Uranus, Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter and Venus give the accumulation and expansion, and Uranus includes a happy incident. But the stone must be polished, at least on one side and only yours. The stone will help to accumulate and concentrate the energy of the 1 st day of the month.

On the 1st day of the month you can not admire mass practices and contacts. Hot and hot food is prohibited. From this day, the chakra “The Third Eye” is bound. It does not have to be confused with Ajna, which is in the center of the forehead. And the “Third Eye” chakra is in the center between the eyebrows, almost on the penis.

From day one, the pores, the eyes, the brain and the whole face are connected. And if a person on the first day of the month “popped” on his face, or you injured his head – this is a bad sign: you violated the requirements of the 1st day. Let’s suppose a person mistakenly ate, and the release went on a corresponding day-month body. If a person has not used the intended mental energy, “zakashuvala” it, it can lead to the formation of stones in the internal organs (in the kidneys, gall bladder, etc.).

People born on the 1st day of the month are working with the mentality at the level of the subconscious. As a rule, the conceived 1 st month of the day they come true, unless, of course, this desire is sufficiently clean. Such people need to be very careful about their emotions and carefully follow their thoughts. Their thoughts are realized and act more strongly than other people.


The dreams of this lunar period show what will happen to you throughout the lunar month, but you need to be careful not to fall into fatalism, because these “sleepy” images in some sense are only essays, sketches of future events – some of them will take place, some , and some will happen, but not so.

The images of dreams in the first lunar day are the potentiality of possible events, the grain that can grow, and maybe not. Everything you see in your dreams is perceived as the “reference points”, the coordinates for which the events of this lunar month will develop. From the correct way to interpret them, the correctness of the chosen life direction will depend on it.


Be careful, now your body is completely unprotected, so it’s very likely to get some kind of injury or get sick. Tune in to the new lunar month, the body spends a large part of its forces on the exact “fitting” of internal rhythms to the rhythms of the entire Cosmos, and as a result, neither the physical body of a person nor his psyche are ready for any load. It’s best to spend this day alone and relaxing. In the summer, it’s the ideal time to walk in the woods or relax on the shores of a lake, river or sea.
In the first lunar day, in the absence of sedation, high probability of stones in the kidneys and exacerbation of the entire genitourinary system.



In the first month of the month, you must first refrain from using alcohol, coffee and strong tea, because in this period, the body tune up for the entire month of the month. And if you have the above mentioned drinks in your diet, then not only will they not allow the body to tune properly in the coming month, but they can also cause a serious failure in the biological program of your body for all the rest of the life, since everything done in this month’s Day carries on itself imprint, karma. It is about this moon’s day that you can say – “that which you sow, and you will reap.”

Also, best of all, at this time do not eat meat and any other “rough” and hard food. The fact is that on the first lunar day the processes of stone formation within the body are intensified. For this period of time, the vegetarian diet is perfect.

Naturally, the first month of the month is not the best fit for a diet plan for the month ahead. Carefully study your own physical and emotional state, and, after determining which vitamins, you do not have enough products for the proper functioning of the body, decide which nutrition system will suit you most. It is very useful in this period to identify those days of the month in which you would like to carry out cleaning procedures and plan the moon so that to go smoothly and harmoniously, and not suddenly, suddenly.
This approach will give the body an opportunity to follow natural rhythms, which will allow you to protect yourself from sudden complications, because cleansing the body or switching to a new diet is not timely, carries a great danger, which can only be avoided by carefully listening to yourself and the world around you.


In this lunar hour, you must refrain from any active business-related activities, so it is strongly recommended to postpone all cases, cancel meetings with partners, sign contracts and contracts. As in any other area of human life, the first lunar Day is intended exclusively for planning, and only for planning.

It is best to devote this time to developing a business plan for the next month, to reflect on a common strategy of action, to carefully analyze their real situation and to find new ways to implement their business-related ideas. After all, as you know, the goal is faster than the one who goes all the time, but who first chooses the best path and only then moves on it. Not always the effectiveness depends exclusively on spontaneity, but to a greater extent – from wise and fruitful planning. Not badly, among the creative people there is a saying: “Improvisation is only that good, which was prepared.” And business can only succeed if it comes up with creativity.
Naturally, it is not worth anything to buy or sell on this day. Any active actions in this period are fraught with instability, and in the worst case, the emergence of emergency situations, which often eventually lead to collapse.


From divination it is best to restrain, the future is still unstable, so there may be large distortions and inaccuracies.
In some magical traditions, on the first lunar day, also, they tried not to be hostile, since it was believed that in this “dark” period, an active impure force is trying to blur the picture of the future, to bring down good people and saints from the righteous path.


In the esoteric plan, the first moon’s day, according to the mystical tradition, Tibet, is the most favorable time for delivering gifts to his gurus, the teacher, the saint, as well as for making donations in temples and churches.

The first lunar day is also favorable for taking vows related to any spiritual accomplishments, for example, multi-day posts with restraint from eating or using words.
Good this day to plan your spiritual lessons, to prepare a program for yoga classes and other religious and spiritual practices.