Eleventh lunar day

Eleventh lunar day

General description

It has names: “Crown”, “Spine”, “Fiery Sword”, “Labyrinth”.
This day is the process of transformation and the inclusion of energy Kundalini. Kundalini is an energy that manages the evolutionary development of man. And if a person is able to accept the other centers of energy Kundalini – it means that it is at a very high level of development. Every month we are given the opportunity to touch this source of energy and transform it for ourselves.
On this day it is necessary to carry out cleansing procedures not only for the physical body, but also for the astral and mental. Clearing the astral is energy exercises, purifying the mind is reading prayers and mantras. Obligatory condition – all that started to do in the 11th day, must be brought to the end, can not be interrupted in half.
Any practice is at Kundalini level. And since this day is a transformation of energy, then you, by conducting any purge procedure, are included in this wave, which can not be interrupted. Otherwise, a person can get epilepsy – this is just a spontaneous inclusion of Kundalini, when a person does not possess it with energy and is not conscious.
On the 11th month of the month it is useful to start a cycle of fasting, because it helps clean up. Good of this day and fasting, refrain from eating.
The 11th lunar day is complex. Everything that is not done on this day must be done consciously and try not to go on adventure, if you do not know what it can end. Do only what you know, if you know the whole process to the end. On this day, you need to be careful with cutting instruments, not to cut the bread, but to break it.
If you have a cutting tool on your hand this day, it’s a sign that the energy of the 11th day of the month is misused. Anything done this day may reach the Kundalini level, and you can not handle these energies. Therefore, it is not necessary to plan large load for this day. You can not kill insects, even bugs and cockroaches. No need to throw things started. This can also lead to an incorrect switchover of Kundalini energy.
From the 11th lunar day, the spine is connected (“Spine” -the name of the day) and the chandelier Kundalini. It needs attention, and you must remember and concentrate on this chakra at least once a day. You can imagine it as a heavy, lead sink, which hung below the spine. The energy of Kundalini in each person is in the folded form. Only in people spiritually developed it rises upwards and feeds the chakras of the higher leveling, stimulating further development. Who practices Yoga, he knows: to raise Kundalini, it is necessary to engage a very long time, even a few years.
In case of improper use of its energy, there may be pain in the spine. If on the 11th day the spine was ill, you must necessarily clean.
People born on the 11th day of the month are mighty magicians, they own the mystery of Kundalini, carry it in themselves. If these people spend the energy of Kundalini correctly, they are strong in everything that they would not do, and they can achieve everything in life, provided that they will certainly not be sprayed. If they live wrong, then they are often bitten by insects and dogs.


In the dreams of the eleventh month, you can judge how harmoniously you exist in the space around you, both in the society, and throughout the universe.
For example, if you are in an active position in a dream, moving a lot, changing the situation yourself – it means that your business is in order, you coincide with the rhythms of nature. And if in a dream you make few moves, become a victim of circumstances, you dream that you are being killed, raped and tortured – this means that your life position wants to be better. It is necessary to show more initiative and not to float along the wave of waves with a hands-free crack. Be the masters of your happiness.
True, it is possible and this option: in a dream you yourself become a tormentor, rapist, murderer or the initiator of any destructive measures. This means that you have taken too many unnecessary duties, ceased to pay attention to your spiritual world, get bogged down in materiality, and try to succeed at all costs in the society at all costs. Your life position is overactive, and this may soon lead to the most baffling outcome – you just simply “burn at work”.


Period of active physical exercises. It is useful to carry out long pedestrian crossings, run marathons, sail, cross the ponds and lakes, ride a bike and so on.
It is very good now to engage in martial arts, but only without the use of cold weapons. At workouts you can increase the load, learn new movements and exercises. Perfect time for sporting events, festivals, days of health and physical culture.
On the eleventh month day, it is good to move to a new level in those health programs that were started in the beginning of the lunar month.
If you spend this time lying on the couch, resorting to laziness and grief, then your body does not really rest and on the contrary, it will not receive the new energy it needs. For those who spend the eleventh month day in passivity, chronic diseases are exacerbated.



This is a good period for financial transactions, for active business activities. If you decide once and for all to solve a difficult task, then the eleventh month is the most appropriate time. Show boldness, perseverance, and you will all get in the best shape.
It is good today to conclude contracts, sign contracts, in short, to carry out any actions aimed at a positive conclusion. But as mentioned above – no doubt, otherwise nothing will work out. In addition, this is a very favorable time to enter a new post.
Be active, fully taught. Figuratively speaking, in the eleventh month day it is necessary to follow the principle: “Pan or missing!” Do not be afraid to take risks, but at the risk, be sure to believe in your success.


This is one of those few lunar days when you can turn to the oracle with any question. The most successful are divination related to the fire.
Guessing fire and resin
Make a wish, and then throw in the fire resin in the powder and watch her burn.
If the resin:
– lit up at once – the desire will come true very soon;
– at first, smoke, and then light up – the desire will not come true for a very long time;
– burns like flame – desire will come true, but gradually;
– burning unevenly – the desire will never be realized.


Representatives of tantric schools carry out their mystical ceremonies this day and conduct sadhana, aimed at awakening the kundalini energy that is dormant at the base of the spine.
Medieval magicians believed that the eleventh month’s day is a period of magical astral battles. On this day, as a rule, all kinds of security ceremonies and ceremonies were carried out, cleaning practices aimed at purifying the aura from negative vibrations and energies.
Schools of black magic began today magic battles carried out rites of bloody human sacrifices, engaged in necromancy and so on.
It is good on the eleventh month of the month to practice qigong and martial arts.