Eighth lunar day

Eighth lunar day

General description

The symbols of the day are “Phoenix”, “Fire”. This day is the biochemical transmutation in the body. There is a registration of what happened to a person in the first 7 months of the day. On the 8th day of the month you should eat only light meals, cereals and fish. It is recommended to clean the stomach.
Stomach Cleaning
It is worth dining no later than 6-7 o’clock in the evening. We know that 3 hours of stomach food is undergoing chemical processes. After 3 hours, the “gate” of the stomach opens and it goes into the intestine. It is up to the moment when the food goes into the intestine, it is necessary to clean the stomach. For 1 liter of warm water you need to put 1 tablespoon of soda. Drinking water in two meals. First, drink 0.5 liters of this water and cause vomiting. Soda water is needed in order not to expose the esophagus, when the bile will pass on it. Then you still drink 0.5 liters of this water and again cause vomiting. After the second reception should get out already clean water. If it is still muddy, then you should still drink 0.5 liters of soda water and again cause vomiting. This is a very favorable procedure on the 8th lunar day. It’s best to spend around 10 o’clock in the evening. So you prepare yourself for a clean night biochemistry.
On the 8th month of the month, it is good to repent. It is not recommended this day to practice with fire. You can prepare leka from all diseases. You can even make complex drugs with 108 components and will have maximum action.
With the 8-month-day associated stomach and peripheral nervous system, Manipur chakra. In case of improper use of this energy, there may be stomach pains, intracranial tremors, and “burn” ears in a person.
People born on the 8th day of the month show a “dry” hunger. The biochemical process in them is constantly. They are natural alchemists that can burn and revive, like the Phoenix bird.


Dreams on the eighth day of the month indicate unused possibilities, those things that you have never implemented, but which still have to be realized.
In addition, the dreams open to the human veil of the subconscious where there are many forgotten problems, unresolved tasks from which you once turned away, not wanting to do anything with them. You might have thought that everything was left behind, but it was not. Everything that was not taught will still have to solve, otherwise you will be doomed to eternal “walking around.”
Dreams point to these “knots” and how they can be solved.
Also, to the images of dreams of the eighth month of the month can be referred to as a kind of “barometer”, which indicates the ability of the person to change. The more dreams will be the tragic moments associated with falling into traps, traps, impasse, closed spaces, falls, the more you are “closed,” unable to change. And this leads to the slow death of you as a person. And, conversely, if in dreams you see wide expanses of the steppe, fields, seas, and heavens, the more transformational processes happen to you.


This month’s moon is ideally suited for the preparation of drugs with a large number of components, with the more components included in the medicine, the better they will come out.
Many astrological schools recommend at this time to clean the intestines, as well as arrange a discharge day. Massage treatments and aromatherapy sessions are very welcome.
In this period, the peripheral nervous system is vulnerable, so it is necessary, if possible, to stay calm, not to undertake excessive physical activity, not to overload on training.



It’s best to get hungry on the eighth month of the month, to arrange a discharge. If this is not possible, then by the next lunar day, eat mostly vegetarian food and, of course, refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.
Some astrological schools in the eighth month of the month recommend cooking dishes such as borscht, salads, ratites, ragas and so on.


In a way, we can say that the eighth month’s day is a “second chance”: you can try to implement those projects and ideas that you have not used before or for which there was no time left. But in order for old projects to be resumed, one has to try to implement them not by old methods, but by new ones. This is the time for new, non-stereotyped solutions. Anyone who will remain a fan of “yesterday’s day”, who will still use old techniques in his case, is doomed to extinction as a dinosaur.
Business is “alive”, a moving, ever-changing structure, and it is impossible to achieve even small success, if not to change with it.
Businessmen in the eighth month of the month also need to be careful about the assessment of their capabilities, because excess energy may seem like you are capable of much, but this is far from the case. Sharp tide of forces is temporary, the next month it will pass, and then you will be disappointed. Be careful not to overestimate your capabilities. What you think is “overcrowded power reservoir” is in fact just a jump of adrenaline, caused by the transformation process, and nothing more.


To defraud in the eighth month day should be the past, referring to the oracle with a question about what event from the past prevents the change of the present, that is, it is necessary to envision the detection of nodes, karma.
It is not recommended to predict the future of this day, as prophecies will still be wrong.
Dedication to the colored bean
Take 5 kinds of beans: white, black, pink, white spot, pink spot. In a wide dish pour the semolina. Take 5 beans in each species and put selected beans in a dish with semolina. Cover the dish with a linen napkin and shake it lightly, without removing the napkins, scoop up the beans. See how many beans and what color you have extracted.
If dominated by:
– white – in the past, the fate to you was favorable, but you remained deaf to her lessons, do not repeat their mistakes;
– pink – you were afraid to take risks and experiment, so your present does not change;
– black – you have done a lot of sins and now you have to rid them of their misfortunes. You reap what you sow;
– equal to the number of white, black and colorful – in the past you listened diligently to the indications of fate, so soon wait for pleasant events.


From the point of view of esotericism, this is a very important period. So, for example, during this period in Tibet, there are magic rituals for the suppression of evil and angry spirits. The “Fire” of the eighth month is “a fire of purification”, because without clearing from the old man can not renew, accept a new one.
Remember, as the Bible says: “It is impossible to pour a new wine into the old bowl.” Therefore, the mystical schools recommend at this time to conduct cleaning practices – both physical and energy.
The eighth lunar day is the most awesome time for the worship of fire. Fire is one of the most ancient deities worshiped by man. For this reason, separate esoteric traditions at this time carry out the ritual worship of the Fire, inflaming large hearths and carrying offerings.