Eighteenth lunar day

Eighteenth lunar day

General description

The names of this day are “Mirror”, “Monkey”, “Crimea”, “Aspid”. Aspid is one of the vampires. This day is not very good. There is a cognition of man, the process of anthropogenesis. It is meant that after receiving inner harmony, a person is able to realize himself, his development, and what she represents. Every person has a mirror in which she sees the world. And now, after what happens to us on the 18th day of the month, we can estimate what it is with us: a curve, an increasing, diminishing or even a fragment that distorts reality.
Everything that happens to us this day is a reflection of our essence. This is indicated by our reactions: what do we react positively to, and what is negative. But anyway, we must evaluate any situation as a reflection of our essence. Our life is as we perceive it and how we react. The only way to change something is to change the reaction to life.
Events of the 18th day of the month are a reflection of our complexes and actions. Must be obliged to control their thoughts. We not only have to deal with ourselves on this day, but also have to help other people in this process, because our actions towards the other will be the same mirror for another person.
The 18th day of the month is a day of help and protection, so you have to sleep less on this day. Favorably starve and clean the intestines. If you are forced to go to bed early, it signals that you are excluded from conscious work. Once you start working with the lunar days, it will immediately disturb you, but you have to overcome it. As soon as a person makes a conscious choice in the good, the dark forces are armed against it.
This day it is good to visit the bath, cleanse the skin, and encourage individual washing, especially if the moon is in a vodka or another air sign. Well do massages. It is impossible to show pomp, selfishness and negative emotions. It is not recommended to eat animal food, tobacco and alcohol is good to eat nuts and vegetable oil.
With this day, the kidneys and the Swadhistkhana chakra, which is above the pubis and produces the universal energy of Udana, which goes to the development of higher centers, are connected. Therefore, the process of human subconsciousness can also go through the sexual energy and energy of Udana. It is useful to clean the kidneys.
If you use this energy incorrectly then you will have obstacles on this day, attempts to beat down and seduce.
Nightmares can dream of nightmares if you do not try to recognize yourself. It can also be reflected in the condition of the skin: skin rashes, even eczema. May this day open the purulent wounds.
People born on the 18th day of the month are different, and everything depends on their spiritual choices. Those who are ready to realize their actions and to live wisely are people who see the world as it is. And since they have the right view of the world, they are able to guide other people.
If such a person gives you the advice of this day, then you have to listen to her. Such people can be healers (from the word “whole”, to help a person to become holistic). They have a clean, straight mirror, there is always a willingness to help others.
People who do not work on themselves are prone to lectures. On a monkey’s day, they can mock others, they love to turn around, they have a curved mirror in their eyes. Often, they are obsessed with their wrong vision of the world to others. They are very dangerous, we need to recognize such people. When talking to such a person, be careful as it distorts the meaning of your words, as it is not able to understand you.


The dream of this lunar day should be taken as a mirror, as a reflection of who we are at the moment. The discrepancy of our real image with the image of a dream speaks of a violation of the harmony of our being, of the unity between desire and reality, that we are not in a position to realize our integrity. And because of this, our duality (duplicity) makes our lives unlucky.
If you correctly interpret the symbols of a dream of a given lunar period, you can quite clearly figure out what we should work to achieve harmony. So, for example, if in a life you are a quiet and calm person and in dreams appear in the form of a terrible villain or monster, then it means that in reality you need to show more activity, aggression, you are afraid of your true nature and quiet not because | this is your character, and because of the fear of not being in a winning situation, you are afraid to seem ridiculous, you are afraid to lose.
You need to activate your other half, and then “good” and “evil” will merge into your harmonious union. You will respond adequately to any event – where you need to be calm, and where the passion.


Very useful in this period is herbal tea with turmeric and cinnamon additives. Much attention should be paid to the condition of the skin – to hold sessions of light massage with the use of oils or sandalwood paste. In addition, this is a good time to apply masks, lotions, compresses and the adoption of herbal baths.
If you are at sea on the eighteenth day of the month or work in the open air, be careful because it is very sensitive during this period, the skin can easily get burns from direct sunlight. Try to stay in the shade or use a special cream.



All astrological schools are strongly recommending that we restrict ourselves to the use of alcohol, and especially vodka. If and drink alcohol, then only wine. Champagne also can give an absolutely unexpected result in the eighteenth month of the month.
Your menu should include as many nuts as possible – almonds, walnuts and pine nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts and the like. Meat can be consumed, but in small quantities.
Listen carefully to your body, to your desires, it may happen that today you will want a special product. If such a desire arises, be sure to satisfy it.


In the business sphere, the eighteenth monthly moon, as a rule, is absolutely not a productive period, nothing happens either for the better or for the worse. Only you, your relationship with your company, change to your financial transactions.
On this day, you need to stay calm and assembled, paying more attention to nuances and absolutely insignificant things, because it is in them that your further prosperity, or decline and collapse, lie. As the great Goethe said: “A great man is known in trifles.”
The eighteenth day of the month is not insignificant, everything is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to signing important documents and concluding contracts.
Pay close attention to the very insignificant points of your contracts, carefully read them, because the high probability that some small line in the contract can deliver you a lot of hassle.
In communication, both with subordinates, and with the bosses, be careful not to overdo it, control your intonations, as people in the eighteenth day of the month are inclined to exaggerate the significance of certain actions, in particular the words turned to them. Otherwise, it will be difficult to prove to the injured person later that you did not want to offend him. And, of course, do not be abusive, refer to everything and to everyone with understanding and patience.


You can ask the oracle this moon day only on topics related to your inner world. All other questions will be unclear and, as a rule, contradictory answers.
Many astrologers warn that in the eighteenth month of the month, the best of all to refrain from any kind of divination, where mirrors are used or reflecting the surface, are also different crystals, because during this period, through them in our world can penetrate harmful astral essence and create a lot of troubles.
Fortune “Circle of King Solomon”
This is a very ancient divination, attributed to the legendary wise king Solomon.
On thick paper, using a compass, draw a circle with a radius of 2-3 centimeters and, without shaking the center, draw nine concentric circles, each time increasing their radius by 1-2 centimeters.
Break the circle into thirteen sectors, drawing straight lines from the center, like divergent beams. The central circle with a radius of 2-3 centimeters is shaded, and in those that came out the cells enter in order of numbers from 1 to 100 starting from the center of the top and moving in a clockwise direction. In this case, a few cells in the outer circle will remain empty.
Take any grain and throw it on a circle. The cell with the number on which the grain will fall will indicate the forecast.
1 – Hardly finish, man, his business; sin a lot. You, man, are guilty; admit that you have not been damaged.
2 – Anxieties and shame will bring a lot to you, man, to whom you have anger, take care of him, you will be futile in vain.
3 – For good and for wealth, you, man, turn, only should not interfere with copper; it is better to have it.
4 – GOD is your helper is. Do not be frustrated, man or anything, Do not be afraid: your way will be good, you will be saved from enemies.
5 – Stop doing evil to people, so do not try it yourself. You will be deceived by your enemies; endure to the end, you will be strong.
6 – Will you, man, as you want; You will have your wish, but not soon.
7 – Soon you, man, joy: you will have a lot of good. Your path is good and joyful.
8 – From illness to health, from the sorrow to the joy the Lord your God will bring you; will turn you into good deeds.
9 – There will not be you, man, what you want; Correct your path. About whom he thought, he does not live on the road and will not return to you.
10 – The essence of your sorrow for joy will come to you, man, on the contrary; your way is wrong, with the benefit. God is your helper.
11 – Your enemies will fight with you. Do not miss the shutter speed.
12 – The Lord will give you a great gift from where you wait: a lot of good created, man. God will give you all the benefits, you only accept them with gratitude.
13 – You will not receive, man, what you want, will be given to another, but not to you; he knows the truth, and you forget; it would be better to pray with truth, but do not join evil.
14 – God will give you mercy, save you and make mercy from all evil
15 – Honor all, love brotherhood, fear me, honor the king.
16 – Ask the Lord your God; what you ask, it will be given to you.
17 – Deposits, man, every kind of anger, and all deceit, and hypocrisy, and envy, and all mischief. It’s amiss to righteous man to do evil.
18 – What you ask for will not be given to you.
19 – This will be the decoration of yours not the outer weaving of hair, not the hats or dresses in clothing, but the righteous deeds are desirable to God.
20 – Do not stand up, man, and do not destroy you what you strive for.
21 – They say: “We played for you on the sopil, but you did not dance, singing sad songs for you, and you did not mourn.”
22 – Your hope will not help you, because you hope for yourself, and not for God.
23 – Do not be afraid of anything, man.
24 – Go on your way, God will help you.
25 – Stop being angry, man, and leave the fury, do not be jealous of doing evil. man26 – Many enemies, man, you have, beware of them.
27 – Everyone sees that the wise die, just like the ignoramus, and the senseless perish, and leave the property to others.
28 – What do you want, man, it will come to you.
29 – Blessed are you, and good to you, man.
30 – Help comes from God, man, start your business.
31 – The Lord will give you what you want.
32 – Let your soul wait for Pani more than the king’s wealth.
33 – Nothing will happen, you do not want what you need, you have strayed from the right path.
34 – Praise Him, for He is good, for his mercy endureth forever. Do not think about today’s day, but take care of tomorrow’s day.
35 – Your time is coming, man, and good will be for you.
36 – The higher you rise, the sick fall.
37 – They speak against you wickedly; foolish enemies. Hope in thy Lord, and this bowl will waste thee.
38 – The Lord supports all those who fall and returns all those who are neglected.
39 – The Lord God will save you from your enemies; resort to Him.
40 – If you forgive the one that offended you, man, then it will not be evil to you; If you do not create evil people, then you will not suffer from evil and you will see the good things in all the days.
41 – Believe in God with all your heart: He will save you from your sickness, and you will receive the desired.
42 – Dare and do not fear, man: God will help you at your request.
43 – Do not walk in your way, man: you have many enemies, take care of them.
44 – Work without the benefit of you, man, you will have a mother.
45 – Do not be afraid, the Lord remembers you, and success will be fast.
46 – There is no good for you, man, but great shame will be.
47 – Repent and refrain from evil and you will not be exposed from God.
48 – Wait a little, man, and whatever you want – will happen in the glory of your Lord.
49 – Grace from God will be for you, man, soon.
50 – Better do, man, good people and do not condemn them.
51 – You have a lot of bad thoughts.
52 – Do not be afraid, man, God is your helper, He will guide you to the path of truth. Go to your enemies – you will be strong.
53 – Soon your case will be fulfilled according to your desire.
54 – Your sadness comes at a loss.
55 – Fight, man, for you will repair evil for many people. Do not do evil and do not harm yourself.
56 – The grace of God will visit you and you will rejoice, man.
57 – Calmness, health and joy, man, you find yourself. Rejoice, there is a lot of goodness near you.
58 – Repent with the whole heart to the Lord your God. He will hear you, man.
59 – As God leads from the wicked, so also will you, man, deliver, save the Lord, and will have mercy.
60 – Pray for your Lord, and your desire will be fulfilled.
61 – Do not be bored, man, or anything: it will be for you as you want
62 – What you want, you will get, but the term will be considerable.
63 – The Lord will hear your prayer, and joy will come to you.
64 – Do not be afraid of your enemies, man, do not harm you: pray to God, he will have mercy on you and save you from your enemies and those who rise up against you.
65 – Your business will obviously come.
66 – You will rejoice in your whole heart, man, in your good deeds. You will have a great mercy from the Lord, your great mercy.
67 – Sadness and sorrow sends you, man, your Lord, to test your faith and devotion.
68 – For all the evil that you committed, man, the Lord sends you a great evil. Only answering good will you escape.
69 – Do not look at those who lie to you, it is dangerous to enter into conversations with them.
70 – Believe in your Lord, and great joy will come.
71 – From sorrow to joy you, man, you will come. All of you will be and will bow your enemies to you and have mercy to ask.
72 – From your death to life, your Lord will turn you.
73 – All your laziness is attacking your work, and your affair will not happen soon.
74 – Only those joys come, the man who is joyous himself.
75 – Your treasure, man, will be clear to you. If you wish honors, your desire will soon be fulfilled.
76 – Will not be fulfilled, man, your desire never.
77 – Good things will be for you, man, only pray to God for your enemies.
78 – All the evil that you, man, did to others, will return to you soon.
79 – God will come to you, man, and you will have many good things and joy.
80 – Envy and ghosts armed against you, man. A battle with your enemies will sound.
81 – Stop working evil, man, and your Lord will see you, and help you in your good endeavors. But if you do not stop doing evil – woe to you, man!
82 – Mole of the Lord your God. If you ask goodness to Him, then He will repay you.
83 – That which you want, man, will not be given to you, another will be given.
84 – Do not be arrogant, man.
85 – Your hope will not be hard if you hoped for yourself, and not for the help of God, the Almighty.
86 – Good works – and evil will take you by the side, man.
87 – Many enemies rebel against you, man, take care of them.
88 – You are right, man, and you will rule.
89 – What do you want, man, it will come to you.
90 – Your desire will not be fulfilled, because you sin a lot.
91 – The wrath of God will come upon you, for the multitude of your sins.
92 – Pray to the Lord your God.
93 – If you go to light, then you will know everything.
94 – The light must see you, man, in people.
95 – You will have a lot of sorrow and sorrow.
96 – You are right in your affairs, dare for this, hoping for God’s help.
97 – The Lord will give you what you want.
98 – Try, man, to uplift God with your humility.
99 – What do you want, you will get.
100 – The wrath of God comes upon all your sins, man.


Eighteenth monthly months are usually dedicated exclusively to contemplative meditative practices, recite mantras, or prayer reading.
Starting magic, during this period, it was not allowed to conduct magic operations using crystals and mirrors. Some schools were not even allowed to look at the water.