The moon, being in this sign of the zodiac, raises our sensitivity, ability to compassion and extrasensory abilities. The moon in Riba increases the ability to express and intuition more than all other signs. There may be difficulties caused by our suspicion to the opinions of others; having succumbed to someone else’s influence, we can ruin our own experiences and thoughts.

In the period of the influence of the Moon in the Fish, our ability to compassion may be very strong and even painful. We will sympathize with absolutely everyone, except for ourselves, and we will willingly provide assistance to anyone who needs it. Do not bring into the house too many stray dogs and cats. Excessive emotional waste is dangerous because we may not have the mental energy for those who really need our support. To help the losers is a matter of course, noble, but it is worth listening to his own inner voice, he will tell you at what moment it is necessary to stop.

When the moon is in watermarks, the intuitive abilities of people are greatly increased. Especially when the Moon is in the Fish.

Now our imagination is unusually growing. If you are engaged in creativity, it is time to take active part in this channel. In fact, the Moon in Fish is best suited for expression, and projects that require a creative approach are the most successful ones.

Our focus in this period focuses on spiritual themes. There is nothing strange here, because our self-expression and supernatural abilities are now manifested in maximum force. Any efforts in the religious sphere at this time will not be in vain, but will bring spiritual fruits. The support that comes to us these days from above will help compensate for the cost of emotional energy on the people around us.

In amur cases it is necessary to show increased caution. In the Moon Period in the Fish, we look at everything through the pink glasses. Our feelings can be too exaggerated. Now our heart is open, and we can erroneously, by catching someone’s feelings, take them for their own.

The time of the Moon’s stay in Fish is a wonderful period. But you need to be careful, you should not neglect your inner voice. It is necessary to rely on intuition, to it, really now, more clearly. The attentive attitude to the voice of your subconscious mind serves well these days.